Photography courses

Photography programmes that we have conducted:

  • Nature photography
  • Pets photography
  • Flower photography
  • Food photography
  • Photo Journalism
  • Street Photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Toys photography
  • Cultural photography

When it comes to photography, courses by Panoramic Kids will allow students to learn:

4 to 6 year olds

Understanding the role of light in photography, being observant to their surroundings, identifying their favorite subjects, achieving sharp images, and basic photography composition techniques

7 -12 year olds

The theory of Digital photography and basics and advanced usage of DSLR camera functions such as utilising aperture and shutter speeds, understanding exposure, focusing, ISO control and photography composition techniques to compose a photo with correct exposure.

13 – 16 year olds

The advanced theory of Digital photography and advanced usage of DSLR camera functions such as using the manual mode to set the aperture and shutter speed, advanced photography composition techniques and exploring their specific photography subjects.

How students will benefit

By using nature, landscapes and animals as the subjects, Panoramic Kids will give students a chance to:

  • Thoughtfully capture the world around them;
  • Creatively express their point of view with both words and images;
  • Develop their imagination, problem-solving and critical thinking skills; and
  • Gain confidence, discipline and an awareness of their own creativity


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